Laws to fight graffiti ‘need to be enforced’ – Algarve MP

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Social Democratic (PSD) Algarve MP Mendes Bota has criticised the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its lack of action to stop graffiti vandalism from spreading in the country.

Mendes Bota said: “I travel the country from north to south and I do not like what I see: a country dirtied by graffiti,” he stressed.

The politician has asked the Ministry why the laws available to fight this sort of crime are not being enforced and why more isn’t done by the authorities to prevent graffiti vandalism.

“This is a crime and the best strategy to prevent this type of vandalism is to act while it still has small dimensions. If a house has a broken window, it is better to fix it before vandals break the remaining windows. If there is rubbish on the floor, it is better to clean it up before it accumulates and if there is a graffiti starting to take shape, it is better to clean it before it is finished,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mendes Bota has questioned the government and the Municipality of Beja in the Alentejo about the neglected state of an unfinished monument in honour of Muslim poet Al-Mu’tamid in Parque da Cidade.

He told the Algarve Resident: “Al-Mu’tamid is part of the universal history and culture. His work and life are studied in dozens of universities around the world. The construction of an Islamic monument to the poet in his native hometown Beja should be seen as a source of pride for the municipality and for our country. The construction of the monument has not even been completed and has already been vandalised.”

Work on the monument halted in 2004 and since then there have been no attempts to conclude it. He claims this shows a lack of respect for the cultural heritage that Portugal inherited from the Muslims.

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