Law approved to ‘increase size of small print in Portuguese contracts’

Parliament yesterday approved a law to increase the size of small print in contracts – ensuring words can never appear smaller than 2.5 mm (or font 11). The proposal came from both the Greens (PEV) and Bloco de Esquerda (BE). The law focuses on what are known as ‘general contracts’ issued by insurance, telecommunications, gas, electricity and water companies, as well as gymnasiums. PS Socialists neither backed nor supported the law by abstaining, centre-right CDS actually voted against, but the combined majority of centre right PSD, BE, PCP communists, PAN, PEV, Chega, Iniciativa Liberal and the two non-affiliated MPs Joacine Katar Moreira (ex-Livre) and Cristina Rodrigues (ex-PAN) carried the day. This means there should be no more need for magnifying glasses or heavy spectacles before signing a contract in Portugal!