Latin music celebrated in the Algarve

LA LINEA Festival is one of the world’s most respected cultural events presenting an eclectic mix of Latin American music. Usually, it is widely celebrated in London where performances take place in a variety of venues over the summer season. But this year, it will take place in the Algarve for the first time, with a variety of music set to be performed over four nights at the Teatro Municipal de Faro.

The festival explores the traditional and innovative styles that have evolved throughout Latin America. The line-up includes Peruvian singer Susana Baca, pianist Sérgio Monroy, Ska Cubano and Salsa Céltica. International DJs Lubi, Novalima Soundsystem, Gerry-Lyseight and the Vagabond Boogaloo Club will also be performing.

The event is being organised by promoters Como No and Bonifácio Rodrigues and takes place at 10pm on August 8, 15, 17 and 24. For more information, contact 289 888 100 or visit