Latest Praia da Rocha cliff fall injures 37-year-old man

A 37-year-old man was injured in the early hours of Sunday morning (July 3) in the latest case to involve a person falling from the cliff near Praia da Rocha’s main bar avenue.

The victim “suffered a fractured arm and other injuries”, Portimão port captain Santos Pereira told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

Under what circumstances he fell from the cliff is still to be determined. What is certain is the cliff fall happened in an area where these kinds of incidents are common.

Plans to set up protective railings along the clifftop have been approved by Portimão council and the local port authority, but are still being analysed by the regional environmental agency (APA).

“This area has seen many cliff falls. The most common situations include people who sit on the wall, which is relatively low, and either get distracted or joke around and end up falling backwards,” the port captain explained.

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