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Latest fashion trends for her

THE TRENDS to look out for this autumn were highlighted at the London and New York Fashion Weeks recently. Here are some of the things we will, apparently, be wearing…

Belted coats – The trend continues on from last year. At least we don’t have to fork out for yet another new coat this winter.

Bows – Avoid small and dainty ones, the best ones next season should be large and ‘in your face’.

Burnt orange – this is hailed as the colour of autumn 2008. Expect to see it in fake fur.

Flat boots – At last, we can be comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Gloves – Leather, net, fingerless, whatever floats your boat.

Tight leather trousers – Now here is a fashion statement we don’t see very often, unless you are a biker chick, of course! Skinny black leather jeans may become the wardrobe staple of the year (a scary thought for those of us not six feet tall and a size 6).

Two-tone tights – A strange sight to behold. The tops are one colour and the bottom half another. Surely there’s little point unless you fancy parading around in your knickers …