Late for a very important date

The White Rabbit is on a new mission in the upcoming Aperitivo Performance Group show Jorge in Wonderland, an outrageous story featuring Alice in Wonderland characters who are all campaigning to save the dormouse and get it out of the teapot.

Erik van Lint has been pulled from his role as Hamlet in the Aperitivo Hamletarama!, which is now scheduled for 2012, and has instead donned furry ears and a fluffy tail to play the White Rabbit, a character who is generally not sure of anything except that he is late and needs to be at the Mad Hatters tea party. The show has been put together to appeal to all ages and promises to be full of action, rock and roll songs and weird and wonderful characters.

Jorge in Wonderland will be performed on November 18 and 19 from 7.30pm in the Museum in São Brás and at the Casa do Povo in Moncarapacho on November 24 from 8pm.

For further information, please call 966 329 073 or email [email protected]