Late arrival tries to board plane in Faro from runway

A mad dash to catch a plane on Faro runway ended in the arrest of a 40-year-old Portuguese man last Friday.

Say reports, he had arrived too late to check-in for a flight to London, UK, and as departure gates were closed, he tried to “invade” the parking platform, using an emergency door “strictly prohibited to the public”.

It was all done quickly and unobtrusively, said tabloid Correio da Manhã – with the man hoping no one would realise what he had done.

But a member of the airline’s staff “noticed immediately”, the paper explains, tipped off border control staff and the would-be traveller was led away, his journey to London not to be.

As this was a so-called “semi-public crime”, ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal was obliged to present a formal complaint to PSP police, CM added.

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