Last step to becoming an expat: moving

By creating a service tailored to the shipping needs of expats and travelers, platforms such as Eurosender are joining the push to transform the shipping industry.

Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful, expensive and time consuming the entire relocating process can be. Chances are, you are one of the millions of Europeans that have decided to migrate to another EU country and have encountered high excess baggage fees or spent hours price comparing in hopes of finding an affordable option to help you relocate.

The British consular authorities recently published that more than 2.2 million Britons emigrated to the EU and more than 39,000 settled in Portugal, making it the 7th most popular expat destination.

While some get support from their employer throughout the process, most still face the daunting task of organizing the relocation and move by themselves.

Eurosender is an established and rapidly growing shipping platform from Slovenia that was created by young entrepreneurs that were in a similar situation and frustrated with the complexity and cost of shipping between European cities. Unhappy with the limited and expensive options available to individuals by courier companies, they decided to create a startup company that would make the shipping industry more accessible and customer oriented. Their goal with Eurosender is to allow individuals to send anything- luggage, boxes, packages, cases, parcels, sporting equipment and more door-to-door with respected international couriers (such as UPS, DPD, GLS, ACS, DD Schenker and SEUR) but at a low cost and in a matter of minutes. How? Being a shipping platform they have negotiating power with couriers and can thus offer prices up to 70% lower than standard shipping fares. The entire booking process is streamlined and user friendly, so that you know the final shipping cost from the very start after inputting the route (pickup and drop-off location) and weight of the item that you want to send. After selecting when you want to ship your parcel, Eurosender places your order with a local courier to collect and deliver your shipment in a matter of days.

Whether you are planning your next trip, international adventure or professional move, you will undoubtedly come to a point where you will face the challenge of excess baggage. Eurosender joined a growing segment of the shipping industry that is trying to ease this process and acknowledges the needs and lifestyle of a modern consumer.

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