Cascade Wellness Resort in Porto de Mós

Last seminar seats available at Lagos “Living in the Algarve” event

Healthcare, tax advice, residency, legal matters and education are just some of the subjects being covered by expert speakers at this year’s second “Living in the Algarve” seminar event taking place next Thursday, June 15th, at the Cascade Wellness Resort in Porto de Mós, near Lagos.

The  “Living in the Algarve” events are organised by Open Media, publishers of the Portugal Resident. Seminar seats are free of charge with visitors enjoying a complimentary coffee break and a wine tasting session.

Expert speakers include Dr Joana Karamon, clinical director of Luzdoc and the tax lawyer and university professor Dr Pedro Rosado, alongside speakers from host of companies and organisations such as foreign residents association AFPOP, the Sovereign Group, Blevins Franks and B&P Real Estate.

There are identical morning and afternoon seminar sessions starting at 11am and 3pm. At the time of press, the morning session was almost fully booked with places sill available for the 3pm session. To book seminar seats visit