Last chance for Garry Mann

Garry Mann, the Briton who is fighting extradition to Portugal following his conviction for starting a riot in Albufeira in 2004, has had his final legal challenge to overturn the extradition rejected by the High Court in the UK.

An emergency application will now be made to the European Court of Human Rights asking for an injunction to prevent the extradition until the court has considered the challenge to the treatment of Garry Mann in both the Portuguese and UK. 

Lord Justice Moses described the case of Garry Mann in court on March 26 as an “embarrassment” and said: “If there was a case for mediation or grown up people getting their heads together then this is it.”

The Foreign Office in the UK has written to the Portuguese authorities to bring the case of Garry Mann to their attention while Fair Trials International has also written twice without response from the Portuguese government regarding the case.

The UK court has ordered that Garry Mann is not to be extradited to Portugal until 4pm on April 9 to allow the European Court the opportunity to consider the application.

Jago Russell, the chief executive of Fair Trials International, said: “Garry´s only hope now lies with the European Court in Strasbourg. We hope they step in and stop Europe´s fast-track extradition system being used to send this man to Portugal to serve a prison sentence imposed after a grossly unfair trial.”