Painting by Ana António Gill (1)

Largest exhibition of paintings by Ana António Gill showing in Olhão gallery

International artist Ana António Gill has unveiled her largest collection of paintings to date at the República 14 Gallery in Olhão. Running until November 19, ‘The Beauty of Being’ explores the complexities and pure beauty of what it is to be a human being observing the world around us.



Featuring a wide range of impressive works, both large and small, the mixed media paintings are rich in depth, colour, and texture, with the space afforded by the gallery at República 14 allowing the viewer to appreciate fully the fine detail and layering in individual pieces.

Painting by Ana António Gill (2)

Discussing her work, Ana António Gill says: “My paintings draw on how every experience, as insignificant as it may seem, makes a mark on our lives, and together builds a picture of who we are and how we see the world.”

Painting by Ana António Gill (2)

For Ana, art is seen as a cathartic process and offers the potential for a pleasurable coincidence of like-mindedness with the viewer. A moment that may connect with another’s reality.

Painting by Ana António Gill (2)

Ana António Gill graduated with first-class honours at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Having lived and worked in London for 20 years, Ana is now based in Portugal. She has exhibited in both London and Portugal.

The show runs at the Associação Cultural República 14, located at Avenida da República n°14, 8700-310, Olhão.

For more information, visit @anaantoniogill