Lapsu$ Group hackers claim to have ‘attacked’ parliamentary site: parliament finds no sign

Hackers of the Lapsu$ Group which attacked media group Impresa earlier this month claim to have done the same to the Portuguese parliamentary site today.

According to Expresso, the site “was down for five minutes”, during which time hackers appear to be claiming they gained access to a database containing personal information on MPs, including emails and passwords, as well as party documents.

PJ police were said to be investigating, but a subsequent report suggests João Amaral, director of the parliamentary office communication, has found no evidence of forced entry. He told Lusa: “there is no evidence at this moment that the site has been attacked”, though the IT department is “running all tools to investigate the matter”.

Mr Amaral added that all the information on the site “is public and transparent”.

Thus, for now, the gravity of the situation is unclear.

Says Lusa, a police source has said that it is not even certain this Lapsu$ Group is the same that hacked into SIC noticias and Expresso, with dramatic consequences (click here).

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