LAPS corrects

YOUR LAST week’s edition published details of a charity luncheon in aid of the Lagos Animal Protection Society (LAPS) in Lagos, which was an understandable mistake and no fault of yours as, for some years, we have been given the support of Do Cais and Linda’s Bar for our fund-raising efforts. It was unfortunate that The Hope Fund did not advise me of this mistake on the day of publication, thus saving a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.

LAPS still continues to take unwanted animals, many unhomeable and which are not accepted by most animal charities, such as amputees or brain damaged, but still capable of giving faith and devotion. Some traumatised because of the cruelty they have suffered, some blind but able to enjoy a deep quality of life, some suffering terrible injuries and left to die, but still forgiving of mankind and able to greet us with joy.

It must be clearly understood that the monies raised on the June 25 luncheon was for animals, but not those of LAPS. Our only fund-raising event this year is a charity sale at the Burgau sports club on Saturday, July 9, from 10am to 2pm. There will be many items for sale, a tombola and refreshments. A day for all the family!

Bridget Hicks, LAPS