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Language is now no barrier

A NEW, multi-language website has been launched where buyers and sellers in Spain and Portugal can trade anything and everything in a quick, comfortable way and without misunderstandings.

If an item is entered in one language, it is translated into six other languages straight away.

A revolutionary development, this site breaks down the language barrier between the expatriate and native population, which greatly simplifies transactions. is gaining more and more attention and is getting more visitors every day.

It is not only the translation service that is a unique and striking advantage, but the fact that is easy to use.

The lay-out is clear, the references in different languages speak for themselves and all possible articles can be offered for sale. offers more – there are sections for lost and found pets, pictures can be uploaded and placed with the ads, as well as short films and, as an additional service, software programmes are made available free of charge to work on the pictures or films before placing them, considerably shortening the upload time.

It is also possible to create your own website through, which is easy to do even for a computer illiterate user.

The best news is that you can test it free of charge until 2007.

Visit and buy and sell to your heart’s content.