Lagos Zoo welcomes Portugal’s first kangaroos

Lagos Zoo has become the first zoo in Portugal to have kangaroos, welcoming a pair of eastern grey kangaroos on Wednesday (June 17).

These massive marsupials, which at their highest can stand at almost two-metres tall, were brought over to the Algarve from the Neuwied Zoo in Germany and are one-year-old.

“This species of kangaroo is much larger than the other species of marsupials that we already have, the Wallaby. It can hop up to nine metres in length and two metres in height,” Lagos Zoo said in a statement.

In fact, the zoo even had to build an enclosure with higher fences in order to accommodate these impressive animals.

Visitors will be able to see them on the zoo’s Australian Trail, which is home to other animals such as wallabies, a cape barren goose and an emu.

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