Lagos wants to set Guinness World Record for “largest Dom Rodrigo”

Lagos wants to set Guinness World Record for “largest Dom Rodrigo”

Lagos is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the “largest Dom Rodrigo”, one of the Algarve’s most traditional sweets, announced the local council.

The ambitious 100-kilo sweet will be made with the usual ingredients – egg threads and cinnamon – and will be presented to the public during the opening of the 32nd Arte Doce competition on Friday, July 26 at 6pm.

The giant Dom Rodrigo will be made by eight local confectioners over three days using the town’s traditional recipe, which originated from the local Nossa Senhora do Carmo convent.

“A representative from the Guinness World Records will evaluate the preparation and assembly process,” the council adds.

Once it has been unveiled to the public, everyone at the fair will be able to try the giant Dom Rodrigo, which is also vying for a spot among Portugal’s ‘Seven Sweet Wonders’ (click here) and is also in line to receive official certification due to its reputation as one of the most iconic sweets of the Algarve.

The Arte Doce competition will take place until Sunday (July 28) at the Lagos sports complex and will feature a total of 76 bakers and sweet makers as well as live music, handicraft and food.

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