Lagos votes against high-tension power lines

MEMBERS OF the Lagos Municipal Assembly have expressed their dismay at the proposal of a 25km stretch of high-tension power lines through the city.

The pylons would begin in Barão de São João and stretch to a substation in Portimão, cutting through many residential areas in the Lagos region.

The câmara has recently voted in favour of a new windfarm in Barão de São João, but has been quick to highlight the negative environmental impact these power lines could create.

It is argued by some that living near high voltage power lines presents a danger to the health of animals and humans. Some have claimed that electromagnetic fields from power lines elevate the risk of certain types of cancer, as well as causing considerable noise pollution.

In response to this, Lagos Câmara has proposed the use of an appropriate two kilometre stretch in Barão de São João that could be implemented underground.