Lagos to launch petition for new hospital

A public petition is being launched by Lagos’ municipal assembly to demand the construction of a new hospital.

The proposal, presented by CDU and approved at the last meeting of the assembly, is prompted by long-standing complaints that the current hospital no longer meets the needs of the population.

The plan is to collect signatures from the population in Lagos and neighbouring boroughs, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo.

“Lagos hospital has been hampered in terms of its capacity to provide medical services for over 20 years,” the municipal assembly says.

Expanding the hospital is impossible as the land it is located on is “too small” and also because it is linked to the town’s old walls, which are classified as a national monument.

The assembly adds that the hospital has been losing services, health professionals and resources for years. Most notable were the closure of the diagnostic, maternity and operation departments.

The statement by the assembly also highlights that a project to assess the viability of a new hospital was approved by the Ministry of Health in 2008 and 2009 and its construction represented a €27 million investment. The land for the new hospital would be provided by the local council.

The project, however, has never left the drawing board and hopes are that this new petition will get the state to review it.

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