Lagos to host first Algarve Boat Festival as “alternative to usual parties”

A new live music festival that will take place at sea with audiences watching from boats is coming to Lagos on Saturday, August 29.

Organised by local company SeaBookings with the support of Lagos Council, the first Algarve Boat Festival will aim to provide “a safer alternative” to the usual parties that are held in Lagos to celebrate the annual midnight sea swim tradition ‘Banho 29’.

All artists will be performing from a separate boat, where the stage will be set up. Only crew members and the artists will be allowed onboard.

The audience members will be spread across dozens of boats in order to ensure social distancing, whilst still allowing them to dance all afternoon.

The show will start at 3.30pm in front of Praia Dona Ana and will last three hours. Algarve DJ Pete Tha Zouk will be the headliner of the event, which will also feature a performance by DJ Astrella and local saxophonist Carlos Glória.

Ticket prices range from €15 to €1,000, depending on which boat you book your spot on or whether you take your own boat to the party.

Those unable to join in on the festivities in person can do so virtually, as the show will be streamed live on the local council’s Facebook page.