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Lagos school teaching languages for 25 years

Centro de Línguas de Lagos is a language school that has been teaching students various European languages for 25 years.

The school, which has been recognised by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, offers a professional service with highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Languages taught at the school are Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish. Students can study privately or as part of a group but private lessons are a better option for those who have limited time and specific needs.

The school currently has around 100 students enrolled and all age ranges are welcome at the school.

Principal Maureen McKeeve said: “I have found that our older students really work hard and get great results. They have told us that learning a language really keeps their brain working well.”

The school, which is situated in the historical centre of Lagos, consists of four classrooms and a coffee room.

“Students can help themselves to coffee, tea or water,” said Maureen McKeeve. “There are two rooms for groups, which hold a maximum of eight students, and two rooms for people who would like to study privately. There is always a friendly atmosphere.

“Learning Portuguese can be fun. Our teachers will always explain anything in English, although, of course our aim is to have students speaking Portuguese as quickly as possible.  Anybody is welcome to come to chat to one of the teachers to find out more information,” said Maureen McKeeve.

For more information, please visit the school’s website, available in English, at or call 282 761 070.