Lagos’ “Roman Bridge” reopens today

Lagos council has confirmed that the town’s old Roman bridge is being reopened today (August 10) after three years shut off from traffic and pedestrians.

Spokesperson Alexandra Craveirinha has confirmed that traffic will be crossing Ponte D.Maria II by the end of the day – though she could not give a time.

Restoration and reinforcement works include a new pedestrian pavement, a cycle lane, an entirely new road surface and strengthening of the bridge’s 12 columns.

Locals have been waiting impatiently for the bridge to reopen since it was closed to traffic and pedestrians due to “imminent risk of collapse” in 2012.

Since that time, traffic has been forced into long detours, with huge jams building up during the summer.

Deputy mayor Hugo Pereira has said the jams “seriously affected” the local economy.

Repair work cost nearly €1 million – 65% of which was covered by community funding.