Lagos requests re-think on operating unit

THE ISSUE of the re-opening of the operating block at Lagos Hospital has returned to the agenda.

Two months following the public announcement that confirmed the operating block at the hospital had been closed for good, elected members of the CDU party petitioned for new Minister for Health, Correia de Campos, to re-evaluate the situation of the unit’s closure and take adequate measures to improve its working conditions.

It is presently not known whether the government has taken any position on maintaining or altering the decision, but it is clear that the campaign for the unit to be re-opened has been re-ignited. Associação Terras do Infante, which represents the boroughs of Lagos, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo, was always against the closure of the facility, a view it has now reiterated.

The operating unit at Lagos Hospital has been shut since March last year, on the request of the Ministry for Health, following the deaths of two patients, shortly after they were prepared by an anesthetist to undergo minor surgery.