Lagos outbreak: Businesses reopen as confirmed cases rise to 76

Lagos Council announced last night that the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases linked to the illegal party held on June 7 in Odiáxere, Lagos has risen to 76. Most of them (48) live in Lagos.

Meanwhile, local businesses which had closed to test their staff and disinfect their premises have started reopening after their employees tested negative for Covid-19.

The local council continues to carry out what it is calling “massive testing”. Around 1,100 people have already been tested in the borough, with approximately 200 tests carried out yesterday alone, the council said.

Testing will continue today, with the priority being “anyone who has been in contact people who attended the event or have tested positive”.

Those interested in being tested should contact Lagos health centre beforehand, the council says.

A press conference to address the Lagos outbreak is due to be held today in Loulé at 3pm and will be attended by representatives from regional health and civil protection authorities as well as Lagos Mayor Hugo Pereira.

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