Lagos opens ‘Entrepreneur Factory’

In a bid to support local entrepreneurs, Lagos Council and entrepreneurs agency SEA has opened Fábrica do Empreendedor (‘Entrepreneur Factory’) in the town offering a range of free services.

The ‘factory’ is located at the Lagos Cultural Centre on Rua Lançarote de Freitas and aims to help business owners develop their venture.

This can include helping them recruit new workers, apply for support measures, provide training to employees and generally expand their business.

The project was developed with funding provided by the CRESC Algarve 2020, Portugal 2020 and FEDER programmes.

Now that the ‘Entrepreneur Factory’ has been set up, the goal is to follow it up soon by opening a StartLab business incubator in the town.

“Lagos is establishing itself as a municipality that helps entrepreneurs and as a dynamic location for innovation, creativity and economic and social development,” the council said in a statement.

Entrepreneurs can contact the ‘Fábrica do Empreendedor’ by telephone or email.

282 014 644 | 961 883 054 | [email protected]