Lagos’ new municipal plan comes into effect

Lagos’ new municipal plan (PDM) finally came into effect on Tuesday (September 1), 13 years after the town’s previous plan was suspended.

The final draft of the PDM was approved by the municipal assembly on June 29 and published on the government’s official newspaper, Diário da República, on Monday (August 31).

Before this new municipal plan came into effect, Lagos was the only town in Portugal that did not have a PDM, a document that sets the guidelines for urbanisation in the municipality.

The previous municipal plan was suspended in 1996, two years after it had formulated certain regulations for a piece of land which was later considered a “green space”.

As the matter had not been discussed publically, a wrangle with the owner of the land saw the PDM being suspended in 2002.

Lagos council had been using guidelines from a number of other plans to try and make up for the lack of a PDM.

The new municipal plan can be viewed online at .