Lagos museum closes for renovations until 2019

Lagos’ municipal museum is closing on Friday (September 1) to undergo a €3.4 million makeover and is only expected to reopen in January 2019, the council has announced.

The plan is to renovate the current building and expand the museum to Lagos’ former jail and another building located on Rua S. Gonçalo de Lagos, which will allow the creation of a new archaeology unit.

Conservation work will also be carried out on artefacts and displays that show signs of ‘wear and tear’.

The announcement came just days after the museum celebrated its 87th anniversary.

It is named after José Formosinho, an accomplished archaeologist from Lagos, and was once one of the few museums in the Algarve.

Lagos council says it has attracted many distinguished people to the town due to its “multidisciplinary collection of great historic and cultural value”.

Community funding is expected to cover €2 million of the investment.