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Lagos market promotes mackerel cooking class

Following an Algarve-wide campaign in August aimed at promoting the cooking and consumption of mackerel fish, the municipality of Lagos has decided to reinforce the project by targeting hotels and catering companies. The original initiative included cookery demonstrations on the use of mackerel.

Today (October 26), two cooking classes using mackerel as the main ingredient will be held at the Santo Amaro municipal market in collaboration with the Portimão School of Tourism and Management.

Two sessions will be held from 10am to 11am and from 11am to 12pm, with a maximum of eight participants per class leader.

During the demonstrations, participants will learn several easy recipes and simple methods of cooking mackerel, in addition to tasting the fish in different delicious dishes.

The mackerel promotional campaign was initiated by Docapesca SA with the aim of encouraging local residents, hotels, restaurants and catering companies to increase the amount of mackerel that they buy, thus ensuring the future of this traditional fish product in the Portuguese diet.

In order to encourage sales, Docapesca believes it is essential that residents learn how to cook with the fish.

Associated to the Mediterranean diet, mackerel is abundant off the Portuguese coast, making it a very economical dish.

The flavoursome fish is rich in protein, fatty acids and Omega-3, providing much of the recommended daily nutrients.

Everyone is invited to join in this initiative.

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