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Lagos marina art display in aid of local orphanage

An exhibition of paintings by Portuguese artist José Fortunato in the Lagos Marina Art Gallery opens on July 23, with the entire proceeds from the sale of work to be donated to a local orphanage.

The theme of the exhibition, entitled O Mar Salgado, is the ocean and is based on a poem by the famous Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

José Fortunato, aged 65, is showing 20 oil paintings of seascapes inspired by the coastline in the Lagos region where he spent holidays during his younger years.

A retired mechanical engineer, he lives in Lisbon and took up painting as a hobby 15 years ago.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing programme of support by Lagos Marina for orphans at the Centro de Assistência Social Lucinda Anino dos Santos.

The Lagos Marina Manager, Ingrid Fortunato, the artist’s daughter-in-law, said: “We have an association of marina clients who every year organise an event and collect money for the children and sometimes they take the children out on the boats. The art exhibition is a good opportunity to provide funds to support a worthy local cause.”

The exhibition runs until August 14. The gallery is located in the Núcleo Gil Eanes square situated within the marina a short distance from the Marina Suite Hotel and will be open from 5pm to 9pm from Wednesday to Sunday.