Lagos litter

Dear Editor,

My wife and I purchased a second home in Lagos in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the city. But this season we have been very disappointed with our stay.

The reason? Trash. All over the place, but especially at the recyling collection points. When bins are full, trash is left around these points and with wind as well as stray animals, it is not unusual for the surrounding area to be covered with debris as well.

When we now walk down to the city from the west side of Porto de Mós, we are dismayed by the amount of paper, plastic and other items along the sidewalks.

We have written to the city, who has the main responsibility, with no response.  

This is saddening, as we believe that the tourists as well as residents really put clean cities on the top of their wish-list for visits. Any “investment” by the city of Lagos in solving this problem will certainly increase tourism and reimburse the city with added revenue.

Not to mention the aesthetic aspect. Lagos prides itself on its Blue Flag beaches. What if there was a similar emphasis on a “Blue Flag City”, where anyone can walk the streets, also in the more outlying areas, and be amazed at the cleanliness of the place?

This should be a concerted effort. We all have a responsibility – the city as well as private residents and tourists. Let us hope, when we return in the spring, something has been done to remedy the situation.

I have been advised that the city of Lagos recently changed the trash collection company … perhaps the new company need a reminder of what our tax money is being paid for?

I am sure the city wishes to set high standards for the future and return back to a situation where everybody is satisfied!

Mark and Laila Sewitsky
By email

Editor’s note: Is your Algarve town also affected by a litter problem? Let us know. Email [email protected]