Lagos Lions Club begins charter procedure

After many months of planning, the Lagos branch of Lions Club International has asked its parent club in Loulé to finally start its formal charter procedure.

In a statement, the Lagos Lions Club (LLC) said a ‘Charter Night’ is being prepared but when it will take place is still unknown.

Meantime, the club is busy recruiting “motivated members in the Lagos area of all nationalities” to “start humanitarian and fundraising projects as soon as the charter has been issued”.

So far, the Lagos Lions Club has nearly 25 members. Kyre Klang and Matt Henman (pictured) were the latest to receive a membership certificate.

The club’s general meeting is held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at Quinta do Seromenho near Lagos, followed by a lunch.

Anyone interested in becoming a member or simply learning more is welcome to contact the LLC.

A temporary website has been set up where basic information is available.

[email protected] | www.lionslagospt.club

Photo: Kyre Klang and Matt Hennman, centre, after receiving their membership certificate