Lagos hosts table hockey tournament this Sunday

‘Lagos Carnival Cup’ is the name of a table hockey tournament taking place this Sunday (February 26) at Lagos’ Mercado do Levante.

It is being organised to “show people what table hockey is” and is open to anyone who wants to try the “fast-growing sport”.

“It is similar to Foosball, but the tactics and skills required are much more advanced,” Swede Micael Myrén, one of the event organisers, told the Resident.

“It is easier to see what the sport is about if you come and watch,” he said.

Table hockey is fairly new in Portugal, but Myrén says he knows “a few players outside Lisbon who will come to Lagos for this event.

“Also, I have a few friends here in Lagos from my Swedish home town, and we will do our best to give the young Portuguese players some kind of a ‘battle’ down here,” he added.

Table hockey is played throughout the world but mostly in countries where hockey is popular.

Says Myrén: “Russia is the best nation, followed by Latvia. Sweden, Finland and Czech Republic are also very good nations.”

To take part on Sunday, registrations begin at 11am, with matches starting at around midday.