Lagos hosts “biggest speed skating tournament yet”

For its 12th year, Lagos will be hosting the “biggest edition yet” of its international Terras do Infante speed skating competition, taking place over the weekend of March 21-22.

A total of 385 skaters from nine countries and 41 clubs are expected to take part in the tournament, with Olympic ice speed skating champion Jan Blokhuijen as one of the biggest attractions.

Felix Rijhnen (German marathon winner), Sabine Berg and Katarina Rumpus (German relay champions) and Maarten Swings and Tim Sibiet (Belgian relay seniors), as well as Portuguese stars Diogo Marreiros and Martyn Dias, are also on the list of skaters who will be showing their skills to the sunny Algarve.

All races will take place at the town’s Júlio Dantas secondary school and will be aired via live streaming online at:

Races begin at 9am on both days.