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Lagos hostage-taker sentenced to 16 years in jail

António Duarte, the man who plunged Lagos into an eight-hour hostage drama last October, has been sentenced to 16 years and six months in jail.

The 47-year-old was condemned for several crimes, including aggravated kidnapping, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, domestic violence and rape.

He will also have to pay €9,000 to his ex-wife and €6,000 to each of his two children.

The case dates back to October 5, when Duarte stormed into the Lagos’ offices of the CPCJ (the commission for the protection of children and minors), took three hostages and demanded to speak to his two teenage children who had been removed from him after years of abuse against them and his now ex-wife (click here).

The man was carrying a number of weapons, including a sawn-off shotgun, a pistol, a field knife and ammunition.

The drama only ended eight hours later, after Duarte finally spoke with his children on the phone and after nearly fatally shooting a PSP agent in the head.

Ana Marciano, the lawyer of Duarte’s ex-wife, said his sentence was “exemplary” as it “restores the dignity of his family and guarantees their safety”. However, she hoped Duarte would be ordered to pay “larger compensations”.

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