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Lagos dance school starts academic year

Escola de Dança de Lagos is starting its new academic year on September 3 and is looking for new students to join the dance school.

Whether child or adult, male or female, the school includes classes in traditional classical ballet and contemporary dance by teachers Ljiljana da Silva, Marina Khametova and Karen Broothaers, and national dances (in which they excelled at the recent Dance World Cup) and oriental dancing with Célia Fernandes. The school also offers Zumba and Pilates classes and singing tuition.

From this year, this most successful of schools welcomes four new teachers specialising in new disciplines. Ivan Radovani is bringing acrobatic and modern dance, Andrea Rejlak is introducing tap-dancing and Fabiola Castro is starting Irish dancing. The school also welcomes energetic Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art with music and dance.

The school is presently housed in the old school of Gil Eanes, just off the Praça de Armas, Lagos with the Anel Verde parking nearby.

It has four well-equipped dance studios so that different classes run concurrently, amounting to around 90-100 hours of classes per week during the day, after school hours and weekends.

The school regularly performs in public and some disciplines include examination entrance or competitions.  

Contact the Associação de Dança de Lagos on 912376595 or email [email protected]