Lagos creates fundraiser to help frontline workers

Lagos Council and the local Santa Casa da Misericórdia (SCML) charitable organisation have created a fundraiser to help those on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Anyone can make a donation by simply transferring any sum of money into a bank account created by SCML for the initiative.

The donations will be used to buy protective gear for health professionals, police officers, firefighters, nursing home employees and Red Cross and charity institution workers.

The council is directing any citizen or company interested in making a donation to the local Santa Casa.

A receipt of your donation can be requested by sending proof of your bank transfer to the council or Santa Casa – [email protected] or [email protected]

The donations can be transferred directly into the following bank account: IBAN – PT500018000352100955020 (Banco Santander Totta).

ZAP support areas
The council has also set up several support areas for the population (Zonas de Apoio à População, or ZAPs) which provide accommodation for people who have been infected with Covid-19 and fear infecting their family and loved ones.

The largest has been set up at the Pavilhão Municipal de Lagos, where 250 beds are available for coronavirus patients, providing them with “hygiene, safety, comfort and privacy”.

ZAPs have also been set up in other parts of the borough, such as Bensafrim (12 beds), Barão de São João (16), the Turiscampo campsite in Espiche (130) and Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere and Rancho Folclórico headquarters (40), while a number of hotels and other accommodation facilities have also offered up their beds – Motel Âncora (120); Pousada da Juventude de Lagos (58); Hotel Sensation Guest House (10); Messe Militar – Edifício Infante (65) and Edifício D. Sebastião (100).

Lagos’ health centre has also created a dedicated area to treat suspected coronavirus patients while the town’s drive-through testing centre is up and running at the Escola das Naus car park.

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