praia do Camilo in Lagos
Praia do Camilo

Lagos clamps down on nautical sports

Dona Ana and Camilo beaches targetted

Lagos Council has begun proceedings to clamp down on nautical sports at the Dona Ana and Camilo beaches.

New rules were approved at a recent council meeting to limit the access of people carrying nautical sports equipment – namely for practising surf, stand-up paddle, windsurf, kitesurf, kayaking and canoeing – to the two beaches.

The council’s reasoning is that the stairs used to access the beaches are located on high cliffs and have sinuous layouts, making them dangerous to use while carrying the equipment, which could possibly cause accidents.

As the council claims, the number of people accessing the beach with “large nautical sports equipment” must be limited “in the name of safety”.

Praia da D.Ana in Lagos
Praia da D.Ana

If all goes according to plan, a ban will be implemented between 9am and 7pm forbidding the “placing of support material/equipment for nautical sports activities” on the two beaches.

The new rules will be available for public consultation soon before being approved by the council, which hopes to have them come into effect this bathing season.

The responsibility of monitoring whether these new rules are followed will be shared by the national maritime authority (AMN), municipal inspection services, municipal police and “other legally competent authorities”.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]