Lagos candidate should run for President’s post

Dear Editor,

How delightful to read Sr. Rosário’s plans for Lagos Câmara (last week’s edition) – reality at last!

But may I suggest he is after the wrong post? With his views and that Lagos needs “political reform”, it is the President’s job he should go for. THAT is where the power lies. He would have more chance and he might even wake up the complacent, head-in-the-sand party managers/politicians who do not want change; especially change to their nice comfortable reign.

Changed attitudes are needed, as are a realisation of what the Algarve is now, its needs, people (ALL of them) and its immense problems.

Following the arrests at Portimão Câmara, you ran a poll on whether other Câmaras should be investigated. The result was a staggering 96%. Will politicians see the lack of trust/belief behind the poll? No, they will not even read it; they don’t care, they are safe in their comfort zone.

Maybe Sr. Rosário will consider the top job, a difficult one, for, if my memory is correct, only one Câmara Municipal in the Algarve is solvent and Lagos has one of the worst records/debt in Portugal. If our councils were private concerns, they would have long ago been declared bankrupt by creditors.

It would be a pleasure to meet and discuss matters with Sr. Rosário as for once we have a future politician who faces reality.

D Taylor-Smith

By email