Lagos Câmara safeguards archaeological remains

Archaeologists from Lagos Câmara have stepped in to oversee the development of the five-star Palmares Resort near Meia Praia in the Ria de Alvor after the discovery of artefacts was notified to the institute of national heritage (Igespar).

Archaeologist João Velhinho alerted Igespar about the find, including pieces of pottery and glass as well as two possible structures that he had identified, and a notification was sent to the Câmara for work to be stopped until archaeological supervision was ensured.

According to João Velhinho, the land clearance work for the Palmares Resort left a number of archaeological artefacts uncovered, which could indicate the existence of a Roman villa.

Lagos Câmara mayor Júlio Barroso, however, said that the archaeological remains at the site are not at risk. “The remains are outside of the construction area,” he said. “Members of the council’s inspection and archaeology services are accompanying the development.”

The Onyria group is investing around 300 million euros in the construction of the Palmares Resort, which will include a 200 bedroom five-star hotel, 450 residential tourism units, a 27-hole golf course and a spa, among other facilities.