Lagos begins €1.9 million revamp of main Meia Praia road

Lagos Council has announced the start of renovations on the main Meia Praia road at a cost of nearly €2 million and are expected to be completed by July 2021.
In a nutshell, the project aims to make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians.

As the council explains, the road barely has any side pavements and the few that do exist do not extend for long distances and are hard for pedestrians to walk on.

The plan is to build a pavement along the north side of the road with a width that will vary depending on the area, as well as a two-metre wide “green corridor”.
The council will also improve lighting along the entirety of the 1.3km road and create new bus stops and outdoor leisure areas.

The goal is to create a “calm road where cars circulate at a slower speed, which is why the pavement will be mixed, in order to provide vehicles with comfort but force drivers to reduce their speed at intersections and zebra crossings.”

The area south of the road is not included in the works as it is part of a larger project to “preserve the dunes of Meia Praia” and create a bicycle path.

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