Lagos-based interiors business celebrates 15th anniversary

Lagos-based interior design company CJ Decor will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on Wednesday (October 28) and is inviting people to ‘come on in’.

The company was launched in 2000 by Jacinta Carvalho, an entrepreneur who had worked in the construction sector for 10 years before deciding to follow a dream and start up her own interior design business.

“I consider my company to be the daughter I never had, it gives me a lot of headaches, keeps me up at night, but also gives me a lot of happiness,” says Carvalho.

Born in Viana do Castelo, Carvalho lived and studied in France before moving to Lagos to work within her husband’s construction company. It was there that she gained her love for interior design.

Since launching CJ Decor, Carvalho has seen her business grow from a medium-sized shop to a large 500sqm outlet.

“Each project is a dream come true for clients who see their dream homes come to life. It is very gratifying to hear compliments,” she says.

Carvalho is now looking to the future.

“CJ Decor’s plans are to keep growing. We would like to buy a warehouse to free up some space in the shop. We will also develop a more personalised service, and plan to start presenting 3D decoration projects,” she explains.

Other plans are to “keep building a strong and more qualified team and taking part in international fairs”.

CJ Decor’s 15th anniversary celebration will be held between 5pm and 9pm.

Anyone keen to attend, should send a confirmation email to [email protected]