Sally Green signing one of her books
Sally Green signing one of her books

Lagos authors present their latest children’s books

P.D. Cain, an author who has lived for many years in Lagos, recently organised a joint book launch alongside fellow author Sally Green.

The event was held on June 1 at Luis’ Bar in Lagos and saw P.D. Cain present three editions of his graphic science fiction series, P.J. Squadron.

“The books, titled “First Contact,” “Rat Race,” and “Alley Cats”, take readers on an extraordinary journey into a world where aliens, cleverly disguised as various animals, arrive on planet Earth to rescue various species. The series revolves around Squadron Leader Squally, a remarkable cat, Benozy, a rat serving as the Intelligence Officer, and their partnership with Abby, a young human girl. Abby’s involvement becomes instrumental in their mission’s success,” the author says.

P. D. Cain displaying some of his published books.

Meanwhile, Sally Green introduced her book “Sizzle’s Search for a Star”, which introduces readers to a talent show set on the “enchanting tropical island of Sizzle.

“The story centres around Chipz, a fire juggling camel, and Humble, a singing cat, who captivate the audience with their incredible talents. Sally Green’s creation takes young readers on a magical journey filled with excitement and wonder,” the author explains.

Peter & Sally showing their books
Peter & Sally showing their books

P.D. Cain and Sally Green believe that the decision to host a joint book launch “proved to be a stroke of brilliance as it added a touch of novelty and excitement to the occasion.

“Despite the unusual setting, the event garnered immense success with a good turnout and a substantial number of book sales,” they say.

The books are available through Amazon.