Lagos armed robbery

Two armed men robbed a bureau de change in the centre of Lagos on Monday, escaping with more than 40,000 euros. Both men were believed to be Brazilian and aged around 30.

The thieves apparently arrived on the scene at 8.30am as the shop opened. After announcing their intentions, they made the cashier turn away a member of the public who had arrived at the scene. The thieves then locked the employee in the staff bathroom and stole 41,000 euros. Eventually another member of the public entered the premises and, hearing the screams of the worker tied up in the bathroom, notified the police.

The incident is similar to an episode in Quarteira on June 19 last year, also involving two Brazilians, who were described as well-dressed and well-spoken. On that occasion the thieves managed to steal 34,000 euros. They also locked two employees in the bathroom but, as they had no key, they were forced to lean a ladder against the door to prevent the employees escaping. Just hours before the raid they went in to exchange a 100 dollar bill. The objective of that visit appears to have been to stake out the shop before committing the crime.