Lagoa’s ‘old town’ to undergo rehabilitation

Lagoa municipal authority is to carry out rehabilitation work on the older sections of the town after launching plans to define an Urban Rehabilitation Area (Área de Reabilitação Urbana – ARU), according to a recent press statement.

Establishing a global strategy to promote a sustainable development of these areas, alongside other economic, social, cultural and environmental measures, is the main objective of the municipality.

Now, authorities will be hiring the relevant services to determine the area and conduct the appropriate rehabilitation work.

It was also revealed that an ARU was proposed for the older parts of the town of Ferragudo, but it was rejected by the municipal assembly on account of the fact that the funds that the municipality has available will be used for the rehabilitation work in Lagoa.

In the case of extra finances being made available, such as EU funds, then the plans for Ferragudo may still be carried out, said Lagoa Câmara.

The press statement also mentioned that the decision to implement the ARU in the older sections of Lagoa was praised by the Algarve’s Commission for Regional Development and Coordination (CCDR Algarve).