Lagoa welcomes Algarve’s first wine lab

The Algarve’s first wine laboratory, equipped to carry out a number of tests, has been up and running since mid-February at the Algarve Wine Commission’s premises (CVA) in Lagoa.

According to the CVA, the lab is equipped with “modern and functional equipment that uses infrared analysis” which provides information on wine’s acidity, pH and sugar levels, without becoming too costly.

Tests can be conducted at different stages of the wine’s production process, giving producers a very useful tool that can help improve the quality of their wines.

They can be requested not only by wine producers but also by any public or private body. To do so, simply complete a request form, send in the sample and the results will then be emailed.

João Mariano from Quinta da Penina says that he already uses another lab outside of the Algarve to test the estate’s wines, but that this new facility will provide “faster results” which is good news for regional producers.

Being able to closely follow the development of their wines and grapes in real time is an important factor for the success of wine production, said Mário Santos from Quinta da Tôr.

Francisco Serra, president of CCDR Algarve and manager of the CRESC Algarve 2020 programme which helped fund the lab, also highlighted its importance.

“Promoting the sharing of knowledge in the wine sector and guaranteeing the quality and safety of regional products is vital for the development of the agro-food sector,” he said.