Lagoa to invest €12 million in urban rehabilitation until 2031

Lagoa Council has announced the approval of its Strategic Programme for Urban Rehabilitation, which will see around €12 million being invested in urban rehabilitation until 2031.

The Programa Estratégico de Reabilitação Urbana (or PERU) is described by the local authority as an “important instrument of public policy relating to the rehabilitation and regeneration of the town”.

The council says the document has four main goals, the first being to “safeguard and improve heritage through sustainable rehabilitation” and promote the “exceptional existing heritage”.

Increasing the borough’s resident population, improving living conditions and “strengthening cohesion and community values” are other objectives along with promoting diversity, inclusion and economic sustainability.

Last but not least, the local authority hopes the programme will improve mobility and environmental sustainability in Lagoa.

The council will also be providing financial support to rehabilitation projects that fit the mould of what it is trying to accomplish. The support aims to bolster the local economy and “create opportunities” for architects, companies and entrepreneurs linked to the construction sector, and reduce urban licensing taxes or even exempt property owners from paying them.

The PERU programme can be found online in Portuguese (click here).

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