Lagoa roadworks… What are they thinking?

Dear Editor,

Driving between Lagoa and Portimão these last few months has been complicated due to the roadworks on the EN125. But for those who know the area well, it used to be easy to bypass most of the traffic by using the secondary road through Estômbar and Calvário, then turning to Parchal and then driving across Portimão’s old bridge.

However, now work has also begun on this secondary road, right near Lagoa’s new Prio fuel station. On both roads, traffic is often restricted to just one lane, causing huge bottlenecks.

So there’s basically no way to drive between the two towns without having to wait at least half an hour in traffic – even longer during rush hours! Your only alternatives are using the paid A22 highway or taking a huge detour through Ferragudo – and there are roadworks there too! It is this kind of mismanagement that tends to hold Portugal back. Could they not have delayed the improvements on the secondary road until the EN125 roadworks were completed?

Instead, they have created a nightmare for anyone who has to make a daily commute between Lagoa and Portimão… This is incredibly frustrating!

João Carlos