Lagoa municipal police project one step closer to reality

Lagoa’s plan to create a municipal police department has taken its “first official step” after the project was approved by the municipal assembly on February 24.
The project, which includes the “organisational and functional regulations” of the soon-to-be-created police force, received favourable votes from PS (18) and PSD (5), while Bloco de Esquerda abstained and CDU voted against.

According to the council, municipal police services would involve surveillance of environmental protection, commercial establishments, occupation of public spaces, traffic and parking, advertising and sports and cultural events.

“The decentralisation of the State’s responsibilities has led us to move forward with the municipal police project,” said Mayor Luís Encarnação, adding that the goal is to “keep Lagoa safe, clean and organised”.

The plan is to have one municipal police commander, one coordinator and 24 agents, the council revealed.

Lagoa’s municipal police project will now need to be ratified by the Council of Ministers and published in the State’s official gazette Diário da República before implementation.

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