Road and parking improvement projects are underway at Praia da Marinha

Lagoa Mayor visits sites undergoing major improvement works

Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação visited some of the areas in the borough undergoing major improvement works, such as Marinha beach and Vale Centeanes, on Wednesday, November 4.

One of the major projects underway is the access road to the popular Praia da Marinha, which involves an investment of over €432,000 to resurface it and build a side pavement as well as a new 300-space car park. Hopes are that the works will help ease summer parking chaos.

Encarnação also inspected the works at the Algarvesol urbanisation in Vale de Centeanes, Carvoeiro. The project, costing almost €370,000, aims to breathe new life into an urbanisation that was built 50 years ago and “has not undergone any significant changes”.

The focus is on improving basic sanitation, with houses linked to the sewage network, and on setting up a new rainwater drainage system. Also planned is the renovation of the nearly 50-year-old water supply network.

Streets will be repaved, new rubbish bins will be installed, more parking spaces will be created and there will be changes to traffic. Another goal is to make walking in the area easier and safer for pedestrians.

The mayor also visited the €803,000 project to build a new 400sqm cafeteria at the EB1 Jacinto Correia School, which will have capacity for over 500 seats and will mean better conditions for students and workers.

Near the school, Luís Encarnação also checked the €149,000 improvements works underway at Bairro Zeca Afonso, which will “reorganise the public space, restructure roads and provide more parking”.

The field trip also included a stop near the Slide & Splash waterpark, where the council is carrying out a €120,000 project to extend an “accessible path” between Vale de Deus and the Slide & Splash waterpark roundabout.

“These projects will be completed shortly and are a clear sign that the municipality of Lagoa is searching for solutions to provide the population, residents and visitors alike, with a better quality of life,” the council said in a statement to the press.

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Vale Centeanes in Carvoeiro will benefit from improved sanitation and water supply

Road and parking improvement projects are underway at Praia da Marinha