Lagoa launches awareness campaign to save water

“Saving at home is guaranteeing the supply of water to everyone”

Lagoa Council launched an awareness campaign on World Water Day (March 22) urging citizens to reduce their consumption of water under the motto ‘Saving at home is guaranteeing the supply of water to everyone.”

The campaign uses two photos of Sítios das Fontes in Estômbar – one taken five years ago when the beauty spot’s water tank was filled with water, and another taken recently showing the tank completely empty – and asks citizens a “simply but decisive question” – “which side do you want to live on?”.

It will be promoted on billboards, pamphlets which will be sent to local citizens with their water bills, on the council’s website and online pages and “other means of communication.”

The local council is also taking measures to reduce its own water consumption, having shut off water supply to local fountains, reduced the number and duration of daily irrigations at public green spaces and gardens and the number of times municipal cars and rubbish bins are washed.

It adds that a new efficient irrigation control system is being installed at public gardens and green spaces which will allow the irrigation to be deactivated automatically when a certain amount of rain falls.

“We are facing a period of extreme drought and it is important for everyone to realise that water is a key asset which is becoming more and more scarce. We must quickly change our daily habits to be able to drastically reduce our water consumption,” said Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação.

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