Lagoa installs 10 new automatic defibrillators

Life-saving devices installed at sports and cultural venues, schools and town hall

Ten automatic defibrillators have been installed in key areas of Lagoa, the local council has announced.

The life-saving devices have been installed at local sports and cultural venues, schools and town hall, bringing the total number of public-access defibrillators in Lagoa to 14.

A total of 90 town hall, school and sports club staff have received training in order to operate the devices.

The council is now preparing to install further defibrillators in outdoor areas such as informal sports activity areas and areas with large numbers of residents.

“We know that a defibrillator, installed at the right place and used at the right time, saves lives. I hope that no Lagoa citizen will need to use a defibrillator, but from now on, our population will be safer and more protected,” says Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação.